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Council 2: Deepening the Practice: Melbourne, Australia

  • Labyrinth Lane 110 Gardenvale Road #108 Gardenvale, VIC, 3185 Australia (map)

Council Training Two (CT2) offers a powerful opportunity to deepen one’s practice and explore the more complex contours of the work. This training is geared toward participants who have taken a Council Training 1 workshop and have been facilitating Council for some time and have had some direct experience with the inspiring, and sometimes challenging, situations that arise — including encountering resistance, conflict and “The Shadow.” Facilitators may also be starting to look at some personal obstacles and “blind spots” that have shown up in their development as a practitioner, as well as the need for greater fluency in self-regulation and grounding, for oneself and in one’s work with groups.

The CT2 workshop delves into the specific forms of council suited for a variety of situations and explores the joys and challenges of bringing Council into different parts of our lives. It offers a chance to develop more facility with ‘Reading the Interactive Field’ and learning to invite ‘The Witness’ perspective.

One of the primary intentions of CT2 is to support practitioners who are starting to encounter the sometimes powerful energies released in Council and to offer encouragement to move out of one’s comfort zones and to “Turn Into The Skid,” learning how to navigate and best serve the circle, while maintaining safety and containment.


Friday August 4th: 6:30pm - 9 pm

Saturday August 5th: 9:30am - 6:00 pm

Sunday August 6th 9:30am - 1 pm

To Apply

We request that applicants submit a brief “letter of intention,” to complete their registration for this workshop, reflecting on their experiences with Council to date and what may be stirring for them as they approach this opportunity to “deepen the practice”; this reflection serves to create some context for the participants, as well as the workshop trainers, and helps establish intention for the journey of CT2. Letters can be sent to: