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Dynamic Governance for Collaborative Organizations

I will join John Shinnerer of the Sociocracy Consulting Group and Miriam Tassone to combine the foundational training in Dynamic Governance with council, as well as other collaborative decision-making processes. Open to individuals, organizations, and change-makers. 

To learn more about Monday's roundtable discussion, "Working with Dynamic Governance and Complementary Systems," click here.

Good governance is no accident--we create it by design. Benefits include greater creativity, faster adaptation, higher commitment, fewer and better meetings, and improved focus on organization vision, mission and aims.

So what is dynamic governance?
Dynamic governance — also called sociocracy — is a non-authoritarian organizational operating system that empowers people to make policy within their established domains, fostering better and clearer decisions. It is a whole systems design for self­-governance based on equivalence, transparency, and effectiveness.

And what is council?
Council is a circle-based practice of listening and speaking from the heart. It builds positive relationships between participants and neutralizes hierarchical dynamics by allowing participants to communicate in ways that lead to a heightened sense of common purpose. Council offers effective means of working with conflict and discovering the deeper, often unexpressed needs of individuals and organizations. Council, in its various forms, provides comprehensive and powerful practices for co-visioning, learning, and decision-making in a group context.

What to Expect
This weekend training will be highly experiential, drawing on participants’ own organizational needs and experiences. We will engage directly with issues of governance structure, process, issues, and solutions and learn by doing in small and large group exercises. We will incorporate the practice of council and learn how it can be used as a cultural tool for circle-based leadership. 

Participants will receive a thorough introduction to the values, principles, and practical skills of dynamic governance. Members of any kind of organization (community-­based/grassroots, non­-profit, for ­profit, educational, governmental, and more)­ will learn to design and facilitate for high engagement, clear decisions, and commitment to action.

Learn to:

• Have more fun enjoyable, efficient, and productive meetings
• Increase individual and collective engagement, commitment, and empowerment
• Reduce tensions around power
• Enhance creativity and innovation
• Maximize effectiveness and efficiency in a collaborative environment
• Make better decisions

Pricing and Registration
Fees are based on a sliding scale and listed at the bottom of this page. The price for the weekend workshop includes accommodations for Friday and Saturday night as well as meals. 

To ask questions or to learn more, email or call us at 805-646-8343, ext. 123.

You may also register for Monday's roundtable discussion, "Working with Dynamic Governance and Complementary Systems.


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