Ashtanga Yoga is a holistic process for aligning mind, body, and spirit for increased well-being and self-awareness.  I share the practice in the tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and Krishnamacharya, as I have learned in through my teacher Dena Kingsberg and other senior teachers of the lineage. 

Ashtanga Vinyasa is a practice of awareness guided by conscious breathing. You will learn and practice a string of sequenced asanas (postures) to assist in purifying the physical and subtle bodies, which may result in increased strength, flexibility, focus, and clarity.

Our Ashtanga practice community is based in Ojai, CA at the Ojai Yoga Shala, where we come together each morning to remember and embody our intention for peace, inside and out.


Because of the personalized and progressive nature of the practice, student, teacher, and community are served by committing to periods of intense practice.
"Drop-in" classes may be available to visiting students and by special arrangement.  Email Adam to inquire.

Intensives run from either Sunday or Monday through Friday for a period of 3-5 weeks with rest days on Saturday and moon days.
You do not need to attend all classes but you must sign up for the full intensive.
Friday and Sunday will be led, Monday-Thursday Mysore Style.

Unless otherwise noted

Sun 7:30a-9:30a Led Class
Mon 7:00a-8:40a Mysore
Tue-Thur 6:00a-8a Mysore
(begin together at 6am with sitting practice - if you arrive late please wait for door to open)
Fri 6:30a - 8:15 Led Class


2017 Intensives @ The Ojai Yoga Shala, Ojai, CA

Monday January  2 to Friday February 4 (5 Weeks - $225)
(first class is led on Monday Jan 2 and starts at 6:30 am)
Monday February 19 to Friday March 10 (3 Weeks - $185)
(first class is led on Sunday Feb 19 at 7:30am)
Monday April 17 to Friday May 12  (4 Weeks $250)

Sunday May 28 to Friday June 9 (2 Weeks w/ Evening Pranayama, Chanting & Philosophy - $250)