It’s a privilege to share a little bit of my work and story. Thank you for visiting, and for your interest. My endless curiosity about the world and the beyond, about humans and more-than-humans, and about beauty and mystery, have led me down a winding a path of exploration and depth. The result is a deep care for people and the earth, and a wide range of transformative tools for awakening this care and connection in individuals and communities big and small. Of course, “we teach what we most need to learn ourselves,” so I’m always a student first.

Over the years I’ve accumulated a few certifications and degrees that represent some of this journey. I have a BA in Literary Studies & Critical Theory from the University of California Santa Cruz and a Masters in Business Administration from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Along the academic way I studied Spanish, Arabic, Japanese and Sanskrit, and was published in a few journals in Australia and South Africa.

While working on my Masters, a complete neurotic bundle of stress, I was invited unexpectedly to my first Ashtanga Vinyasa class at a small cooperative yoga space. My life shifted forever as I felt a relief of the stress and opening to myself and world in ways I’d never experienced before. I’ve been practicing ever since. When I moved to Ojai in 2011 there was no practice community, so I started teaching a few people, and this grew into a strong and committed program. In 2013 met Dena Kingsberg, with whom I’m in a dedicated mentorship as teacher and student. I hope to carry her commitment to the depth of this practice, philosophy, chanting, and pranayama, as well are her soulful and caring approach, into my teaching. Right now my home base is Oakland, and I teach workshops in a few selecting, loving, and beautiful locations.



We are Open Circle, Founder and CEO
April 2016 to present
Mysore Oakland Ashtanga Yoga, Director
October 2017 to present
The Center for Council Inmate& Social Justice Council Projects, Trainer
May 2014 to present
The Ojai Foundation, Executive Director
September 2011 to July 2017


Monterey Institute of International Studies, MBA,
May 2009
University of California, Santa Cruz, May 2005
University of Cape Town, Study Abroad, Jan to Dec 2004


Compassionate Practitioners with Dena Kingsberg and Jack Wiseman
Byron Bay, AUS 2017 to 2021
Steven Harper, Wilderness Guiding and Facilitation Apprenticeship, Big Sur, CA 2011 to 2018
Animas Valley Institute
Shadow Training & Sweet Darkness
Upaya Zen Center
Social Resiliency Model (SRM) I
School of Lost Borders
Mirroring Training and Vision Fast
The Ojai Foundation
Council Trainer Certification